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2021-11-11 09:56:54 By : Ms. Kathy Kathy

Carpet is one of the most effective elements in the home space. Since the appearance of the house is determined by the carpet, you need to be diligent in maintaining it. Today, carpets are no longer washed at home as before. Instead, put them in a safe carpet cleaner to extend the life of the carpet.

Shahran Carpet Washing is one of the best carpet washing in the country. It uses the best and latest methods to clean your carpets. In this article, we try to explain to you the steps of carpet cleaning in carpet cleaning to understand what process your carpet goes through after it is transported to carpet cleaning. Stay with us until the end of this article to introduce you to the best carpet cleaning methods in the country.

For a long time, carpets and carpets have occupied a special place in Iranian families. Carpets, especially hand-woven carpets, have high cultural and economic value, so washing should be done in principle. Nowadays, the carpet cleaning industry has made great progress. The use of advanced equipment and tools can not only clean the carpet, but also maintain its strength, color and texture. There are several basic steps in the process of cleaning carpets and carpets, which we will introduce below. In carpet cleaning, carpets and carpets are manufactured in steps. If carried out correctly and in principle, it will lead to the best way to clean the carpet.

The first step in the process of cleaning carpets and carpets is to remove dust, in other words, to remove dust. Carpets, whether hand-woven or machine-made, will absorb a lot of dust over time and must be removed before washing. In carpet cleaning, a special dust collector is used for this purpose.

After this stage, it's time to clean the carpet with detergent. The use of suitable cleaners on carpets and carpets is a point that should be considered at this stage. This is done when using a special machine to clean the carpet to minimize damage to the carpet and the texture of the carpet.

Rinsing and dehydrating carpets and carpets are steps that should be carried out after washing with detergent. The rinsing is done with water pressure in several stages, and then it's time for dehydration. Carpet dewatering is done using a special cylindrical machine in carpet cleaning. After washing and dehydrating, it's time to dry the carpet. If this part of the work is not done well, it may produce an unpleasant smell, and even rot the texture of the carpet and carpet. The best way to dry the carpet is to use natural sunlight, but in the carpet washing, the greenhouse is used to complete this operation, which will not negatively affect its quality except for completely drying the carpet. Janat Abad Carpet Cleaning will perform these processes on a regular basis and can clean the carpet in the best way.

Why is it more economical to wash carpets in carpet cleaning?

Because in addition to reducing costs and saving time, you are also very helpful in maintaining limited fresh water resources. You no longer need to pay for water and cleaning agents. At the end of the day, you have no place to dry. Finally, after drying and exhaustion, you did not do what you wanted, and the carpet was not cleaned well. The roots of the carpet and the middle of the carpet were turned yellow. Of course, believing that all carpet cleaners are absolutely wrong.

But more importantly, today, due to the limitations of city life and apartment life, most people do not have enough time and space to wash carpets at home. Therefore, they can only use this as a last resort. Especially one of our Iranian traditions is to move on the evening of Eid al-Fitr. One of the most important things that make the care of hand-woven carpets more sensitive is that many of these carpets use silk. Silk tapestry, silk woven fabrics and all silk carpets also require extra care. Because the presence of valuable threads also makes these carpets more susceptible to damage. The decision to wash hand-woven carpets, especially silk carpets, needs to be put on the agenda more carefully and carefully. In addition, please use cleaners that will not damage the texture of these precious carpets. In addition, the temperature of the water used for washing these carpets should be determined according to the principle. This can protect the texture and color of the carpet.

After dust removal, the carpet gets wet with a lot of water and enters the automatic washing machine. This machine washes and rinses the carpets as planned. A machine-made carpet made of synthetic and plastic materials. Most handmade carpets absorb dust and require special cleaning. Depending on the materials used, these carpets are available in wool, pile, silk and acrylic types.

If you have machine-made or hand-woven carpets or carpets, it is best not to clean them yourself, because any wrong operation will damage the texture of the carpet. Today's carpet cleaners have modern machines for cleaning carpets. In this place, special methods are used to clean and dry the carpet. Leave the carpet to the carpet cleaner and you no longer need to worry about damaging the texture of the carpet. Because these carpet cleaning will fully comply with the standard principles of carpet cleaning. You no longer need to spend hours of time and energy cleaning the carpet at home, just a phone call, your carpet will be transported to the carpet cleaner, and finally sent to you for thorough cleaning. Click here for more information. In this article, we tried to explain the steps of cleaning carpets in carpet cleaning, and also expressed the main points of cleaning woven carpets and handmade carpets. Thank you for reading this article.

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