With the premiere of Gucci House, this is the best red carpet look Lady Gaga has ever seen

2021-11-11 09:57:02 By : Ms. Helen Jin

Watch: Lady Gaga walks the red carpet for "Gucci House" in London

It can be said that the award-winning actress and singer Lady Gaga has become a cold fashion icon. This week, she appeared on the red carpet at the premiere of the new film "House of Gucci", and her style did not disappoint many fans. 

Her clothing comes directly from Gucci Love Parade, a dazzling fashion show held on Hollywood Boulevard last week. Like her usually exposed form, this dress is made of transparent silk chiffon, in Silk Cut purple, and shows her black fishnet stockings and black and gold transparent evening gloves.

Gaga paired with 6-inch black platform button boots and huge diamond earrings. It is safe to say that she looks incredible. 

Patrizia Reggiani, who she plays, is Maurizio Gucci's (Adam Driver) murderous ex-wife, who has caused a sensation at the Oscars-even though the classic Gucci costumes from the 70s to the 90s shine almost equally.

However, Lady Gaga is not only related to this ancient brand-her styling over the years has crossed the boundaries of avant-garde fashion, imagination-and even edibility, her infamous "meat outfit".

This is her most exciting and eye-popping red carpet look.

Lady Gaga wore this look to attend the Academy Film Museum's opening party in Los Angeles in September 2021. 

The dress and ice blue satin coat are customized Schiaparelli, the brand is known for its dramatic and innovative style, and the jewelry is Chopard. This black velvet dress was designed by Daniel Roseberry, with a small train, echoing the classic Hollywood style of the 50s, which is a continuous charm for the stars. 

Every year, Met Gala will show the forefront of fashion in the A list-the theme of 2019 is "Camp". 

Gaga made all the headlines with her appearance-the most striking was this shocking pink parachute dress designed by Brandon Maxwell, which revealed a more sober black dress-wearing black underwear. , Fishnet tights, and of course thick-soled boots. 

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In Christian Dior Couture, Lady Gaga turned into a "goth angel" in this cleverly worn white silk gown, exposing her cleavage and legs-this is a fashion, generally speaking, but somehow she took it Pull it down. 

Watch: "I always feel her in my heart": Lady Gaga plays the murderer in the center of the Gucci House

2019 is the retro year of Gaga's fashion debut, because she walked all over the award ceremony. At the Golden Globe Awards ceremony, she wore periwinkle blue Valentino silk and satin with her iconic train and Tiffany diamonds. 

Her silver hair enhances the look of retro charm, shaped into the perfect top. Obviously this is a lucky dress, because she won. 

Lady Gaga's star is even more dazzling because of her award-winning role in A Star is Born-and at the premiere in Los Angeles, her light shines so dazzlingly that it can be seen from space. 

To pay tribute to Barbra Streisand, who played Ali in the early version of the movie, she wore a Givenchy haute couture silver dress (and train, of course), which reflected the similar dress that Streisand wore in the role. Bulgari jewelry ended its dazzling light. 

For the 2018 Grammy Awards, Gaga became a sexy Italian widow. She wore Armani Privé, a full-lace bodysuit, flowing skirts and skirts, and the platinum hair of Game of Thrones style woven with black ribbons to create a complete dragon queen look. 

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The dress that Gaga wore to attend Biden's inauguration this year was another Shaparelli designed by art director Roseberg. 

"This is one of my favorite clothes I wore," Gaga said of the look. "I wore this Schiaparelli design at the inauguration. No one knew this, but it was a bulletproof dress. ." The huge golden pigeon brooch, covering her heart, just added protection.

Back in 2010, when Gaga was a huge singer, she attended the MTV music video awards ceremony, wearing a dress and hat made of flank steak. 

In typical Gaga style, this is a statement-she told Alan DeGeneres: "If we don’t stand by our faith, if we don’t fight for our rights, soon we will have as much The right is like the flesh on our bones."

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